Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time Machine ~ The 1960's

Italian Gypsy Bangle, $16 by Pink Saguaro in Phoenix, AZ

Vintage Lily Necklace, $32 by Jess James Jake in Albany, NY

Grapevine ~ Bracelet, $26 by Claire Williams in Surrey, UK

Rose Quartz & Copper Twist Necklace, $62 by Red Chair in Takoma Park, Maryland
Hoot ~ Lucite Owl Necklace, $24 by Victrola Vamp in Bufalo, NY

Tickled Pink ~ Earrings, $16 also by Claire Williams

Tangerine Party Dress, $100 by Bad Girl Vintage in Willow Grove

Mod Drop Waist Dress, $42 by Mousevox in Nashville, TN

Helen Rose Couture Gown, $710 by Timeless Vixen in Beverly Hills, CA

Brilliant Red Summer Shirt, $25 by Ms Mod in Vero Beach

Saks Fifth Avenue Cocktail Dress, $295 by Zwzzy in San Jose, CA

Black & White Mod Dress, $20 by Worth Your Salt in Atlanta, GA

Cream & Mint Work Wiggle Dress, $135 also by Bad Girl Vintage

Cotton Candy ~ Dress, $345 by Days of Glamour in Melbourne, Australia

Sherbet Ruffle Jacket, $300 also by Days of Glamour

Polka Dot Swimsuit, $48 also by Jess James Jake

Paisley Mod Scarf, $12 also by Jess James Jake

Billie Kompa Floral Scarf, $22 by Tialey Vintage in Phoenix, AZ

Swank Sunglasses, $48 also by Jess James Jake

Bug ~ Print, $30 by Is Photography in Montreal, Canada

Radio ~ Print, $17 by Lola's Room in Brighton, UK

Out on the Town ~ Print, $12 by the Art of Brittney Lee in Emeryville, CA

Owl ~ Giclee Print, $41 by Jenn Ski in Southern NH

Peaches the Diner Waitress ~ Print, $4 by Amy Perrotti

Twiggy ~ Print, $8 by Schin in Las Vegas, NV

Lake Chelan ~ Giclee Print, $27 by Carrie Goller Studio in Seattle, WA

Boolady with a Hula Hoop ~ Print, $3 by Boolady in Charlotte, NC

US Post Office Mail Bag, $425 by Catalog in Phoeniz, AZ

Lewis Wicker Box Purse, $24 by Uncommon Eye in Baltimore, MD


  1. So many beautiful finds here!!! I love the clothes from Bad Girl Vintage! Thanks so much for including my Vintage 1960's Italian Gypsy Bangle :)

  2. How gorgeous! I feel like I've stepped out of a time machine. You've done a wonderful job of curating this collection! Thanks for including my Rose Quartz and Vintage Copper Twist Necklace! -Heidi

  3. very nice collection. Very kitchy & fun. Thanks for using the espresso set--it feels right at home!

  4. Thank you for including my Peaches the Diner Waitress print with these groovy 60's items! :)

  5. Love the product arrangment... It captavates the products/era in a great way! Thank you for sharing one of glass decanter and glasses...Look forward to seeing more from you..!

  6. Sweet stuff, all of it!~

    Thanks for including my George Nelson Bubble Lamp pillow! :)

  7. Wow, I love it all! Thanks for including my china set and hull dish here! (allthingswhite.etsy)

  8. Amazing collection! Thanks so, so, so much for the include. Lovely blog, too!

  9. Thanks for including me. It was a great era and I can still hula hoop.

  10. Thanks so much for featuring our Red Vintage MsMod shirt in your blog...I enjoyed looking at all of these vintage products!

  11. Such a fun and cool blast to the past.
    Thank you for including my owl bank. I will have more in this color available mid August.

  12. Wow!
    What a great collection.
    Love the dresses.
    Love the prints.
    Love it all.

  13. This is great,there are so many wonderful things, I just love the dresses! Thanks for including my pink dish!

  14. Wow, how many beautiful 60's treasures! I love the red dress. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I'm now following your gorgeous blog.

  15. Groovy Baby! Great collection, thanks for including Grapevine and Tickled Pink x

  16. Those glasses are awesome. I want them! Thanks for featuring our 60's post office bag. Who knew the government could be so hip?

  17. Such wonderful finds. Thanks so much for including me.

  18. Boolady, I'm glad to hear that you still hula hoop. I wish I could!