Thursday, October 28, 2010

~ Spooktacular! Etsy Style Pt. Two ~

Halloween Tags, $1.75 by sarahndipities in Mount Pleasant, UT

Printable Boo ~ Banner, $2 by Monkey Moo Moo in Fort Bragg, CA

Pumpkin Picks, $6.30 by A Forest Frolic in Washington D.C.

Pillow Cover, $44 by Joshua by Oak in Phoenix, AZ

Braaains... ~ Mobile, $33 by Salty and Sweet

Card, $3.75 by Fiona Designs in Stamford, CT

Pumpkin Man Portrait 2 ~ Print, $20 by Curious Portraits in New York

Candy Corn Bunting, $30 by Pamwares in St. Petersburg, FL

Costumed Kid ~ Print, $16 by Nan Lawson in Los Angeles, CA

Gentle Pug ~ Print, $16 by All You Need Is Pug in Bradford, MA

Eunice ~ Print, $7 by Worms Worms Worms

Musical Coffin Box, $14.75 by Dreadful Things by Raven in Reading, PA

Pumpkin Sculptures, $10 by Indigo Twin in Maine

Boo Letters, $25 by Tucker Reece in California

Organic Teething Ring, $14 by Little Alouette in Columbus, OH

Pumpkin Gourd Ornament by June Bugs in Cummings, GA

Guy and his little friend Boo, $50 by Forever Young in North Carolina

Primitive Candy Corn, $13 by New England Primitive in Londonderry, NH

Skull Soap, $7 by kcsoapsnmore in Clarksville, TN

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Sweet Tooth Knows No Bounds

Chocolate Orange Cardamom Shortbread Cookies, $8 also by Whimsy & Spice

Cherry Vanilla Lollipops, $14 by Vintage Confections in Chicago, IL

Peach Melba Lollipops, $16 also by Vintage Confections

Lemon Tart Candy Stars, $8 by Fahrenheit in Denver, CO

Chocolate Covered Candied Bacon, $5.50 by Hash Delectable Edibles in Santa Rosa

English Toffee with Chocolate & Nuts, $9 by Sweet Temptations

Vegan Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcakes, $12.50 by The Green Machine in Providence

Maple Walnuts, $10 by Mara's Maples in Oakland, CA

Orange Creamsicle Fudge, $10 by theENDpeace in Heflin