Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Birthstone ~ Peridot

Joy of Spring ~ earrings, $32 by Antigoni in Athens, Greece

Domes with Green Bow Earrings, $12 by eme eme in Madrid, Spain

Frosted Leaves with Perdiot Earrings, $30 by Licia Beads in Mukilteo, WA

Peridot Glass Earrings, $15 by My Cellar Door in Athens, GA

Peridot & Sterling Silver Earrings, $14 by Diane Design in St. Louis, MO
Renaissance Wedding Ring, $180 by III Rexes Jewelry in Los Angeles, CA

Claddagh with Peridot Ring, $100 by Nelly Vansee in Montreal, Canada

Green Apple ~ Ring, $28 by Littlebugjewelry in E. Lansing, MI

Green Ring, $84 by Minter & Richter Designs in Boston, MA

Peridot with Lotus Charm Necklace, $36 by India Blue Jewels in San Francisco, CA

Green Amethyst with Peridot Necklace, $65 by Chic Designs by Hayley in Hoxie, KS

Willa ~ necklace, $39 by The Pebble Collection in Cambridge, MA

Bright Apple Satin Flowers, $6 by Milkysupplies in Istanbul, Turkey

Sling Cardi in Lime, $73 by Tinge in West Midlands, UK

Ruffled Scarf in Pear Green, $20 by Jannysgirl in Middleville, MI

Green Mohair Shawl, $80 by Filo Fashion in Istanbul, Turkey

Floral Mohair Shawl, $85 by Elde in Ankara, Turkey

Gradual Hued Long Skirt, $22.50 by Asia Made2Order in Bangkok

Please Me ~ Blouse, $39 by Cocoricoo in Maehongsorn


  1. Thank you for choosing my trees to feature in this lovely collection. I love peridot and the pieces you have chosen are fantastic!


  2. Great collection of so many beautiful things. Thanks for picking my earrings!

  3. What a great collection of Paridot! All the wonderful work from all corners of the world :) We are very honored to be included on this collection. Thank you for having us here--the gradual hue long skirt from BKK!

  4. Thank you very much!!
    I'm happy to be included in this wonderful selection

  5. What a fabulous collection of items!!! Thank you so much for including my earrings among this fabulous finds!

  6. Gorgeous collection of peridot, I love it! Thank you so much for including my ruffle scarf, I'm so honored to be amongst so many talented Etsian's :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful...!!!
    it was a pleasure of my eyes to browse all these lovely finds of great fellow-etsians :)
    That's why I feel so honored to be one of your choices.
    Thank you very much ♥

  8. Thank you - so pretty!

  9. thanks for including my pillows. Good luck and great collection.

  10. A lovely collection! It's great to be featured in, thx so much :)

  11. Gorgeous collection very beautiful colors !!Thank you very much for including me !!

  12. Green is the color of life & I can't imagine a world w/out it. So I'm jealous of the August Babies!

    3 Rexes Jewelry

  13. Beautiful collection. Thank you for including my necklace :)

  14. So many spectacular finds! Thanks for including me among them :)

  15. What a rich collection of talent! I am honored to be included here. Thanks so much for putting together such a lovely group of August lovelies!

  16. I like what Antigoni says, it really is a feast for the eyes :)

    I wish you all lots of sales!

  17. Very pretty selection! Thank you for including me.

  18. so many great items! thank u for sharing!...*

  19. Gorgeous collection! Thanks so much for including my lotus necklace :)


  20. I think I love it all. Green is my fave color :) The wedding ring is pretty, i love the dresses... i can go on forever.