Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthstone for September ~ Sapphire

Constance ~ Headband, $25 by Little Blue Studio in Baltimore, MA

Mermaid Diva ~ Headband, $20 by First Kiss Designs in Grand Junction, CO

The Dainty Bow, $17 by Mandizzle in Cleveland, OH

Vintage Hair Comb, $148 by Bel Canto Designs in Apex, NC

Sapphire Blue Mum Ring, $9 by Swak Shop in Atlanta, GA

Sapphire Claddaugh Ring, $90 by Nelly VanSee in Montreal, Canada

Sapphire & Diamond Ring, $500 by Eidel Precious in Toronto, Canada

Blue Sapphire Ring, $360 by Kyle Anne Metals in Santa Barbara, CA

Prism Ring, $19 by Opusmuse in Singapore, Asia

Sapphire Bracelet, $225 by Marie Wu Designs in New York

Teardrop Glass Bracelet, $14 by Daimblond's Gallery in France, Europe

Metallic Leather Cuff Bracelet, $75 by Unearthed in Los Angeles, CA

Holly ~ Necklace, $28 by Claire Williams in Surrey, UK

Blue Moon ~ Necklace, $49 by marieflyfly in Stavanger, Norway

Murano Glass Cubed Necklace, $58 by Liviabeads in Fairfield, IA

Seaside ~ Necklace, $250 by Foamy Wader in Seattle, WA

Capri Blue Earrings, $15 by JBM Designs in Rhode Island

Sapphire Flower Earrings, $12 by Amoronia in Greece, Europe

Pin Tuck Silk Charmeuse, $138 by Prizy Sebastian in New York, NY

Dress with Flower Sash, $89 by Lola in Tel Aviv, Israel

Chic Summer Dress, $57 by No Wonder in Tel Aviv, Israel

Party Dress, $98 by Miss Brache in Miami, FL

Halter Neck Maxi Dress, $22.50 by asiamadetoorder in Bangkok, Thialand

Wrap Dress, $95 by Lirola in Israel

Slouchy Hat, $27 by Chicksale in Parker, CO

Chunky Knit Cowl, $77 by Happiknits in New Jersey

Crocheted Afghan, $120 by Mimi's Fun Stuff in Plymouth

Poliwrath Eyeshadow, $5 by Shiro Cosmetics in Portland, OR

Leather Journal, $129 by Artisan Graham in Montana


  1. beautiful sapphire collection, Liz!
    thank you for including my bracelet!

  2. Thanks for featuring our cuff bracelet! It was a lot of fun looking through the blog, you have some great finds here!

  3. thanks for the feature! i love the color!!


  4. These are some gorgeous sapphires here!!! Thank you for the feature!!! ~Renee

  5. Wow, these are absolutely beautiful! I have to quit adding to my must-buy list, I don't have any money! :P Thanks so very much for featuring my eye shadow here. <3

  6. This collection is fabulous!!!! wow
    Thanks for featuring my ring. -Amina

  7. Thank you for featuring my sapphire bracelet....I thoroughly enjoyed all the features. A gorgeous collection of eye candy!

  8. Amazing collection! All items are so unique and well made. Great job! Thank you for featuring my beret. Good luck to everybody!

  9. First of all I must say Liz you have a wonderful taste .This is really Etsy's Finest. Beautiful collection. Thank you for featuring my Crochet scarf. This was very pleasant for me because Sapphire is my birthstone. Thank you so much!!!

  10. How beautiful! I see quite a few things to add to my wish list! Thank you for including my cowl :)

  11. every single one of those rings are completely stunning!

  12. Beautiful! I love sapphire it's my birthstone and one of my favorite gems. thank you for including me in your post.

  13. Wow! Looking at all that great work you did...! This is THE most amazing collection of Sapphire blue items I have seen!!! Well done, and of course thank you so much for including my earrings :)

  14. Liz this is a beautiful sapphire collection!
    Thanks for featuring my Chic summer dress.

  15. I love all items! They are sooooo pretty!
    I love Sapphire, it is one of my favorite colors!
    Thank you so much for featuring my camisole.

  16. Great list Liz... Thank you for includimg my multibubble scarf

  17. beautiful creations in sapphire~ thank you for including my earrings among these lovelies!

  18. I have always been so fond of sapphire, it is such a beautiful handsome gem. Of course, I may be partial to it because it's my birthstone too : )

    Thank you all for your lovely comments! I wish you lots of sales!

  19. Wow! Beautiful selections and a beautiful color!

    Thank you so much for including my fused glass pendant!

  20. Amanda&#39;s BoutiqueSeptember 2, 2010 at 11:11 AM

    This is beautiful!! I see many things I would love to buy. Sapphire blue is my favorite color and my birthstone:) Lucky me. Thank you so much Liz for including my bobby pins!

  21. What a fabulous selection! Thanks so much for including my earrings - Judith

  22. I just love Sapphire blue. Great job in creating a striking collection....a real feast for the eyes!

  23. Beautiful collection,love the colors.Thank you so much including my earring.

  24. Gorgeous choices. Love all of the blues!

    Thank you for featuring Mandizzle!

  25. Woah! This is am amazing collection and I'm we are honored to be included with this group! Cool to see some of my etsy pals, too (hi mandizzle!)... and I love Gumball Grenade! xoxo

  26. Wow! Beautiful items and a wonderful collection! I'm honored to be included. Thank you so much,
    Meytal, Jolinne on Etsy.