Friday, September 10, 2010

Share Your Heart

Heart Me ~ Cookies, $10.50 by Pastry Girls in Iowa City

Apple-Anise Lollipops, $20 by This Charming Candy in Sunnyvale, CA

Big Heart ~ Sugar Cookies, $15 by Sunshine Bakes in California

Measuring Spoons with Quotes, $48 by Beehive Kitchenware Co. in Fall River, MA

Raspberry Red Heart Bowls, $22 by Christine Tenenholtz in Sedona

Squirrel Love Cake Topper, $75 by Middleburg in Snow Hill, NC

Rolling Valentine Rabbit, $28 by PearsonMaron in California

Comic Books Paper Heart Garland, $20 by Bookity in Reading, UK

Valentine Swans Pillow Cover, $18 by Designs by Nancy in Williamsburg, VA

Loveheart Magnets, $9 by Lilley in Cheltenham, UK

3 Distressed White Hearts, $24 by Oldnewagain in Green Bay, WI

Love Cards, $45 by warpeDesigns in Brooklyn, NY

Heart Tee, $28 by Two String Jane in Torrance

Bunnies Tee, $25 by Gnome Enterprises in Brooklyn, NY

Upcycled Wool Armwarmers, $30 by For My Darling in Finland

Heart Rhinestone Fascinator, $105 by Janine Basil in London, UK

All Hearts ~ Bag, $20 by Merry Berry in Los Angeles, CA
Heart Argyle Clutch, $24 by Cathy's Totes & More in Reading, MA
Holly Necklace, $32 by New Fashioned Whispers in Vancouver, Canada

Heart of Gold ~ Necklace, $29 by Tooli in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Three's A Charm ~ Bracelet, $34 by Mae Bee in San Francisco, CA

Charm Bracelet, $48 by Iris Jewelry Design in Los Angeles, CA
Valentina Earrings, $38 by Pavoreal in San Jose

La Vie en Rose ~ Earrings, $26 by Antigoni in Athens, Greece

For You ~ Earrings, $19 by Betsy in Venice, Italy

Let Me Call You Sweetheart ~ Earrings, $22 by Wild Woman Jewelry in Canada

Petite Heart Post Earrings, $20 by Studio 618 in California

My Silver Heart Ring, $29 by Lilyja in Israel

Sweet Romance ~ Ring, $17 by Minty Fresh Fusions in Utica, NY


  1. What a beautiful collection! a lovely group to be hanging with.
    Thank you so much Liz!

  2. awesome collection! Thanks for including my cards!

  3. That's quite a collection! thank you for including my painting in your finds!

  4. Love the vibe of this collection!
    Thanks for including my cathystotes wristlet!

  5. This is such an amazing collection...full of love! Thank you so much for including my kindness print. ♥

  6. What a beautiful collection of hearts! Thank you so much for including my Catching Hearts print. :)

  7. oh my goodness, how lovely!!
    Those squirrels kill me. Just precious.

  8. Really gorgeous hearts here. Love those measuring spoons. Thanks so much for featuring my petite stud earrings.

  9. Wonderful selection!!!!
    Thank you ♥ so much for featuring my earrings

  10. Wow a great collection, LUV all the hearts, especially the Love note cards, those are beautiful. Thank you for including my squirrels.

  11. beautifully done! thank you for including my heart hoops among these lovely creations!

  12. Beautiful collection! Thank you so much for including my photograph!

  13. I love all those hearts <3

  14. What a gorgeous collection of hearts art works, I really do love everything here! Very high class and stylish!
    Thanks so much for including my necklace Liz, I love your blog! xx

  15. This is a beautiful collection of items! I'm thrilled to be included among such lovely hearts! Thanks!

  16. Wow, hearts as far as the eye can see!
    Thank you so much for featuring our lollipops.