Thursday, October 28, 2010

~ Spooktacular! Etsy Style Pt. Two ~

Halloween Tags, $1.75 by sarahndipities in Mount Pleasant, UT

Printable Boo ~ Banner, $2 by Monkey Moo Moo in Fort Bragg, CA

Pumpkin Picks, $6.30 by A Forest Frolic in Washington D.C.

Pillow Cover, $44 by Joshua by Oak in Phoenix, AZ

Braaains... ~ Mobile, $33 by Salty and Sweet

Card, $3.75 by Fiona Designs in Stamford, CT

Pumpkin Man Portrait 2 ~ Print, $20 by Curious Portraits in New York

Candy Corn Bunting, $30 by Pamwares in St. Petersburg, FL

Costumed Kid ~ Print, $16 by Nan Lawson in Los Angeles, CA

Gentle Pug ~ Print, $16 by All You Need Is Pug in Bradford, MA

Eunice ~ Print, $7 by Worms Worms Worms

Musical Coffin Box, $14.75 by Dreadful Things by Raven in Reading, PA

Pumpkin Sculptures, $10 by Indigo Twin in Maine

Boo Letters, $25 by Tucker Reece in California

Organic Teething Ring, $14 by Little Alouette in Columbus, OH

Pumpkin Gourd Ornament by June Bugs in Cummings, GA

Guy and his little friend Boo, $50 by Forever Young in North Carolina

Primitive Candy Corn, $13 by New England Primitive in Londonderry, NH

Skull Soap, $7 by kcsoapsnmore in Clarksville, TN


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my card!

  2. Great, great, great finds! Thanks so much for including our little clay pumpkins.

  3. this is an incredibly charming set of curated items from etsy. beautiful collection! thanks for featuring my pug print :]

  4. Great job!!! I love it all and thank you so much for including us:)

  5. Wow - what great finds. The pug pic made me smile - looks like my Ollie! Thanks for including my little pumpkin gourd. Linda

  6. What a wonderful collection. I can see you put a lot of time and thought into it. I feel honored to have my Pumpkin Man portrait included, thanks!

  7. I really enjoyed the Halloween picks and thank you for including my coffin!

  8. Oh thank you for including my pumpkin picks! Loving those pumpkin sculptures and that little lion, oh my ;)

    Jamie :)

  9. Fantastic collection--really gets me in the Halloweekend spirit. Thank you for featuring Eunice!

  10. Wonderful finds. Thank you for including my hand stamped pillow among all these talented Etsy sellers!!

  11. Wow - you found a great collection of all things halloween on etsy! There are some amazing items...really! I'm honored to be a part of the collection!

    I hope you had a fun halloween!

  12. What a fun collection!! Thank you for including my Ghost and Pumpkin Cake Pops! :)