Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some sparkles to brighten your day

Sequin Tunic, $69 by People's Couture in Culver City, CA

Sequined Neckline Shredded Top, $40 by MaLaMinaKaNo

Razzle Dazzle Tap Shorts, $140 by Alexandra Grecco in Brooklyn, NY

Sailboat Romper, $40 by Cititart in New York

Glamgirl Party Dress, $79 by FilleBizzare in Montreal, Canada

Vintage Sequin Dress, $35 by TrippleGoddess in Cambridge

Red Silk Sequined Dress, $100 by The Side Show Store in Melbourne, Australia

Black Sequin Dress with White Bow, $75 by American Princess

Bronze Sequined Mini Dress, $75 also by American Princess

Bling Bling Scarf, $25 by Made of Sherbert in Australia

Black Sequin Ballet Flats, $40 by Bucharestian in Thousand Oaks, CA

Beauty in LA ~ Swimsuit, $47 by INvisable Design in Wels, Austria

Night Bloom ~ Earrings, $15 by Glass Elements in Seattle, WA

Vitrail Sea Green Earrings, $17 by JBM Designs in Rhode Island

Drusy Ring, $82 by Silver Made Studio in Cleveland, OH

Fused Dichroic Glass Ring, $115 by zulasurfing in New York

Sparkly Key Rings, $7 by Independent Reign in New York, NY

Drusy Pyrite Cufflinks, $85 also by Silver Made Studio

Magenta Cuff Bracelet, $75 by Unearthed in Los Angeles, CA

Crystaline Rhinestone Necklace, $25 by Sparkle Beast Designs

Sequined Headband, $18 by Black Satin Shoes in San Francisco, CA


  1. Thank you for featuring one of my items! The other sellers look rad too!!

  2. Thank you for including my bling bling scarf. I love all the sparkles.

  3. The Side Show StoreOctober 7, 2010 at 4:25 PM

    Soooo shinny ! What a wonderful collection. Thank you for selecting us to be a part of it.

  4. Such a wonderful selection!!!!In fact I love your idea to feature sequined and beaded items,so bright,so fun,so feminine!
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one person who love the shinny side of life,thank you so much for including my balerina flats!!!

  5. Hi there!!! *woooow* you really brightened up my day! I adore shiny, glitterings and sparkling items!! *amazing collection* Thank you for the honour to be featured as well! :) The sequin tunic, the red silk sequined dress, the balet flats and the sequined cushion cover are my favourites.. and all of the hair accessoires for sure!!! :) I will definitely follow your blog to enjoy mor of your fantastic selections! Keep it up! Best wishes from Austria, Johanna

  6. Such a gorgeous collection of items! I love the progression you went in, and everything is gorgeous! And oh-so sparkly. :) Thank you for including my gold headband!

  7. Such fantastic finds! Thank you so much for featuring my's an honor :).